The art of fisting.

The first time my hand slipped inside another person I was overwhelmed with shock. I had no idea when I begun to explore my partner’s body that this was even possible. That I could experience this level of intimacy, connection and undeniable arousal was completely incredible. I remember that day, we had decided to try pegging for the first time. He was by all accounts an anal virgin and as his first I knew to go slowly moving one finger and then another inside him making sure there was no pain only sublime pleasure and relaxation.

Perhaps he was always meant to be my first fisting partner, maybe my technique is just that good, or maybe my hands are just that small but without really thinking or choosing for it to happen my hand slid slowly more deep and soon only my wrist was showing. I remember crying out with surprise, telling him how amazed I was that he had given himself to me so fully. It was one of the most intensely erotic yet kinky experiences of my life (and his as I recall).

Since then my enjoyment of this exquisite act has only grown. I have had the pleasure of experiencing this with women and men. While I still love to bend a gentleman over with my cock, sometimes fisting is the only way a submissive can feel truly owned by me and I cherish their trust and devotion. The ability to put yourself quite literally in the hands of a Mistress is truly sublime and i am grateful to have found another way to connect on a deeper level with my subs.