Body art, adornment and other musings.

I’ve always been attracted to subversive art. Art that confronts the viewer to ask deep questions about themselves and the way they see the world. Perhaps this is why I’ve always been drawn to the world of body modification and to those who seek to push the limits of self-expression.

I hail from a remote Scottish island where I can only remember one or two people had visible body art. This is perhaps unsurprising, given that my community valued tradition, conservatism and above all else a sense of shared identity. To step outside this norm, in such a brazen way, was not just privately frowned upon but openly admonished. Throughout my youth, I began to covet the bodies of heavily tattooed women and so it seems only natural that I was called to begin a collection of my own. I was tattooed for the first time when I was 17 years old. A small line of script hidden under my left breast which some lovers will have seen many times before. I loved the knowledge that this little rebellion was hidden yet always with me. I loved the secrecy and the permanence of it just exaggerated that feeling tenfold. That feeling has never gone away. As the years go by, I have added one adornment after another...getting closer and closer to my idea of perfection - safe to say there are many more to come. 

Putting myself in the hands of an artist for the first time was a terrifying and electrifying experience. The trust involved is immense, in many ways I had to occupy a submissive position for the first time in my life and I believe I gained a real sense of the power I hold over my submissives in that moment. Feeling the needle on my skin, the slight unwavering pain - which all lovers of edge play will appreciate - the slight feeling of apprehension until the endorphins wash over you. It is an experience like no other. Recently, I had the pleasure of taking one of my pets to be branded with a B on their right thigh - hidden enough that no unwanted questions would be asked, visible enough that each time he sees it, he is reminded of the secret we keep.

While I recognise my art may not be to everyone’s taste, I would suggest that those who are unsure take a look at the intricate details of my dear friends and lovers Suzie Blue and Valerie August. Every time I have the fortune to play with these ladies I cannot take my eyes away from their beauty. I imagine you will struggle to do so either. 

Blair xo